Cinco de Mayo- Trumpcare Day

Oh, my, Goodness.  With a sigh of relief, Congress passes “Trumpcare” and puts “The first Nail in the Coffin of Obamacare”.  When I caught the News Alert that the Dems burst out in song, “Nah Nah Nah Nah, Hey Hey, Good Bye” followed by Nancy, “stretch”, Pelosi who scares the American public with fictitiously, POLITICALLY DRIVEN comments like “people are going to die.  People have suffered due to Obamacare, they have.  As a senior female who has chronic illness the past 8 yrs medically has been laden with more obstacles to care than ease or access to affordable care.  Awk!  Those words exited my head to paper!!


In the famous words of Cheri Oteri’s “Nadeen” on SNL, “simmer down, simmer down now, simmer down”. Settle Down Video The over-reaction is breath taking.  I believe it is President Trump’s intent (or prayer) to transparently, or as much as humanly possible, ensure all those enrolled in Obamacare plans are safely placed into plans.   I believe he plans to offer at least the same type of coverage, including more options, which will bring costs down.  Whose responsibility is it for Your healthcare?  YOU!  Awk!


TRUMP, along with every surrogate, continue to use the words:  “Pre-existing conditions will not be an issue for those in Trumpcare”.  It appears the ears of the Dems are simply not open; actually hostile, so again, as “Nadeen would put it:  Simmer down now, simmer down.”


Fact is if you are employed in many states, you are provided with either a HMO or PPO commercial insurance plan.  You pay for it.  Are those ears open to receive a wee bit of education?  Okay now.

Commercial Insurance = purchased insurance product for those under the age of 65 or not considered permanently disabled by a medical physician for over 2 yrs from onset of serious illness, an illness that will not be cured or controlled.

Senior Insurance = purchased insurance called Medicare.  This is the already established health plan for senior.  A person is given “senior” status at the age of 62-72 (age groups eligible for Medicare and those again who are disabled past 2 yrs.  A supplemental plan is usually chosen to administrate the person’s Medicare plan and that supplemental plan occasionally covers a few extra benefits, i.e, travel benefit, exercise programs, etc.

Indigene (or low income) folks are covered by Medicaid for most US states, except Medi-Cal for California residents.  If qualified or eligible, Medicaid covers every aspect of health, but often the major medical facilities might be a distance to travel.  Patient communication to those in need did not appear to be as consistent in many states we travelled on our 8 month RV cross country tour.


Again, if needed, close your eyes, think of Cheri O’Teri on SNL whenever you slip back into negativity about the Trump administration, politics in general:

“Simmer down, Simmer down now”


As a “Kapuna” (wise one here in the Hawaiian Islands), it is somewhat a responsibility to share the wisdom collected along the way.  These words are not meant to incite, but rather, inspire.  I truly have no judgment.  I follow my own path, just ask my husband or my family.  LOL


Take a break from the news now?  Nev…ah!,   Again, never give up, Nev….Her?   Never!  

Tutu A from Maui Chatting….Healthcare, always with Warm Wishes for Warm, Gentle Breezes.



Healthcare Part 2

Folks, both doctors and patients have responsibilities, just like the special “Oaths” taken by medical practitioners & professionals.  Therefore, this blog will be educational, hopefully humorous but not to the point of too much silly…so please receive and accept some things are universally accepted in this industry.  Education is the best armor in life, knowledge is power, right?????  Right?


  • A primary care physician or practitioner has a responsibility to follow each & every patient.
    • From inception, first appointment to the last
    • Perform Continuity of Care *
    • Ensure patient is compliant with medical plans
    • Document every encounter, from phone contact to each visit.  The progress notes must be legible (oh, got stories about practitioners who fought the idea of making “their language translated into “lay person’s” language.  (A “lay person” is someone NOT of the stated field the person reviews or interprets, thereby seeing materials with fresh, new eyes.  Thankfully computer systems have evolved to assist the profession accomplish these requirements much easier & in no way affecting an ego.
  • A patient has many responsibilities:
    • A responsibility to pay attention to the physician’s instructions and if he/she has a language problem, the patient should ask for assistance.  The physician has a responsibility to document the patient’s primary language spoken and what educational material the patient needs is understandable to both patient & caregivers.
    • A responsibility to follow all physician directions and participate in all aspects of care directed by medical professionals.
    • The responsibility to pay co-payments & premiums.
    • A patient has a responsibility to be honest with his/her physicians in order to receive the optimum care.


Enough education for this article.  Onto Trumpcare and Your healthcare.  The Democrats recently displayed what most parental types call BAD BEHAVIOR.  This is why Tutu A was felt motivated to blog.  Teaching onself how to blog is quite an undertaking.    My observation is the senior Democrats gave a ZERO, NADA, ZIP interest in any attempt to meet the GOP half way.  Now is that not what we were taught as children?  To calmly use our words in an attempt to acknowledge, inquire politely, and accept graciously the outcome of those in positions much above “our meager pay grades”.


Senators Chuck Schumer & Elizabeth  Warren, OMGoodness, Congressional Rep from California, Ms. Maxine Waters, and House Minority Leader, Ms. Nancy Pelosi came across every television network that their party will” NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, TO INFINITY” work with our newly elected President Trump.  Visions of a 5 yr old stomping his/her feet wanting to get his/her way cannot help but come to mind.


Trump, BTW, really appears to be doing “his” very best under the stressful circumstances he has found himself.  I think he has smartly surrounded himself with some “smart” folks, excluding ousted Flynn, who is still under investigation.  I am optimistic for the first time in 8 years, my 8 years of serious illness & bed rest.  So I have had plenty of time to genuinely reflect on something bigger than myself


Whether you like him or not, we were taught by both parents and school teachers to automatically give those older and hopefully more wise at least a chance to perform.  So why not give Trump that chance?  


“A chance is not the other sides agenda. (period)”  No matter how idealistic I may be, the reality, realitee, realitea (haha) is the media will change ANY word to fit the “agenda” of the person speaking.  It is that simple.  And also, as Mom taught “don’t believe everything you read or hear”.

So there it is folks, are you going to become more active in Your healthcare life????


Tutu A with Warm, Gentle Breezes from Maui

Healthcare Part 3

It is about time WOMEN BAND TOGETHER FOR THE GOOD OF THEMSELVES, OUR COUNTRY & STOP THE ALTERNATE FACTS, MISINFORMATION & HORRIBLE LIES that especially scare senior citizens and young folks.  We have a collective responsibility to follow those very good words of our “parent types” and we continue to instill into each generation that has come up since my coming of age.


Those women marching ‘Against President Trump” has drove me to distraction I was mistakenly about to attend Maui’s 1st Women’s March, 2017.  I inquired and was told by the organizers ALL voices would be heard.  Well, my husband drove me to this event & it was clear MY VOICE WOULD BE DROWN OUT, and I was scared so did not participate.  I was scared.  


So I am starting my own movement:  Tutu’s for Trump.  I know there are haters, and more haters on top of the haters that do not know they will hate my words.  Go on with your own self.  I accept & love you, spiritually man.  I deserve the same amount of time & a forum for MY WORDS, my mentoring for those who are like minded or fence sitting.  You are free to stop here & I am grateful You gave me Your Time & Attention.


Regardless of President Trump’s past and my late acceptance of his win of the GOP primaries to be the Republican candidate, I was taught to always be loyal to the “Office of the President .  We were graded on citizenship.   I respect every President.  I accepted President Obama’s initial “hope”, but found he stole my Social Security with reckless abandon & no apparent care to the losses that would trickle down.  Example:  Like other seniors, I had to ration important life changing medications while in “the gap” (later will explain for those who “say what?”) and had to forgo important pain relieving procedures due to high cost of co-payments.  


At least President George W. Bush passed a law that provides each senior with $2800 initially per year for medications, but for 2017 the initial coverage period will pay $3700 with a $400 deductible and a 25% coinsurance.  (Again, see article in future Tutu D Chats Healthcare: Myths of Prescription Medications.)  Mahalo (thank you) President Bush for that legislation.  Who knew I would need that benefit due to more diagnoses than I have fingers & toes!  Awk!  


Tutu A witnessed Mr. Trump run a stunningly brilliant campaign in an extraordinary manner, breaking rules & “the old established right” (something I did not think would occur in my lifetime, but hey!) opening up the process to show the world “smart money” spent works!  Now I have to give President Trump about a C+ for his immature need to say:  “I told you so.”  Or something similar.  So, how do we proceed?   The world is still spinning on how Trump created an effective communication style that still evolves when it comes to Presidential Politics.  The idea of no “Daily News Briefing” from the President is not a bad idea.  Who really wants the day to day stuff? Are we that thirsty?  Hungry for news?  No folks are “Hangry”…that is hungry & angry at the same time.


We, in the collective sense, are generally slow to accept change.  The Democrats are still so stunned that they did not win, they are frozen still (called Denial) since November 9, 2016.   They have obviously NOT MOVED on, based upon the behavior in Congress when the rendition of “nah, nah, nah,nah,hey, heyo, good bye”, right?  Was that not an immature move?  Yes or No?  Come on parents??!!??  Don’t give out another parable about the GOP, heard them all living in “left minded states”.  Oh well, I accept & embrace both sides.  That is what I thought maturing meant.  Hello?  Anyone there?  LOL


Anyhoo.. example of someone who has NOT moved on:  The recent episodes of Real Housewives of New York City  these past few weeks had the usually calm & soo cool Carole Radziwill absolutely going “stark raving bananas”, “lost her bloody mind”, “went to the Dark side”, AND “drank the Political Koolaid to the point “politics”, “politicking” absorbed her very small stature like the “black ooze” in X-Files”.


We were used to Carole being the voice of reason.  She has had this mysterious romantic life, is single yet not, was a news trail blazer, and a freaking Princess.  Look up her name in the dictionary and “cool” is right there.  Actually through marriage Carole Radziwill is related to the Kennedy’s, but I am not name dropping.  LOL True but she is not braggy about her privileged life style.  But she reveals she is a true blue far left elitist snob who is really NOT in touch with us regular folk.  I don’t think the President of the US will change her bottom line one way or the other.  


Carole, the President’s agenda affects us normal folks.  Like the thousands I lost the minute Obamacare took hold.  The downward spiral has been miraculous.  Obamacare which would have become Hillarycare (and the nightmare of a single payor healthcare system) does not change how Carole Radizwill access healthcare.  She has all the money is the world to obtain ANYTHING SHE WANTS OR NEEDS.  Not so much for us regular folks.   Poor Carole felt such a loss, akin to a death, she experiences the denial of the loss.     


Bethenny Frankel, also from RHONYC tried to save Carole Radziwill, threw her multiple lifelines, including a visit to an Accupuncturist (so New Agey) to help deal with the stress of the campaign leading up to “that tragic day” (her perception of the left).   God came down, or the Russians, LOL LOL, and ripped the very heart out of the Democrats that they simply do not know how to take the next reality step: Don’t you “care about Hillary”.?


No I do not care about Mrs. Clinton, personally.  I think she will be quite fine with all her millions and millions of dollars.  Give me a break.  Sorry Carole, ex-Secretary of State was just “the wrong woman” for the job.  I care about how both parties position their agenda (or “platform”) are going to evolve.  I have been a fiscal conservative with liberal views toward social concerns.  I am also a Pisces where the two fishies seem to be going in opposite directions.  So heck!  I care about my “bottom line” and that of my closest friends and family, my community.  Tutu A’s given name means “noble”, so there you are.


Acknowledge, Always Ask Questions, Accept Outcomes.  Embrace change.  Is that not what we teach?  I believe I am finally a “Grown Up Ass Woman”, as some of my peerage proclaim.   Yikes, again, the song “nah, nah nah nah, hey heyo, Good bye”?  Yikes!. I was embarrassed for these folks, truly & thought, is this really what the folks at home really want… I had to write my first Blog article.


Thank you for reading.  I have more articles near completion and hope you return.  I look forward to questions, concerns & comments.  


With warm breezes & Alooooooooha, Tutu D, always Chatting, duh

Healthcare Part 4

Tutu D Chats spent the week watching & reading about how Trumpcare has shuffled over to the Senate where it appears “they will start over & write their own plan”.  Geezaloo.  Why make that optix?  Each “plan” is a carbon copy with tweeks, additions, revisions & deletions.  Why not say that?  Too many words?  It appears Trumpcare will stall while the alleged “Powers that Be”, not the cool ones in the series ANGEL by “demi-God” Joss Whedon….”I am not worthy, I am not worthy”, LOL LOL LOL


Trump is planning an oversees trip to roll out his “foreign affairs policy & meet the Pope”.  Meanwhile, the usual “News Corp” has been incognito since Sean Spicer fumbled words.  The words get in the way, the old song goes.  This legislation will take much longer than us commoners thought.  The “office” that reviews the cost of things, yuk, always seems to contradict itself to the point Tutu A really does not know who to believe.  Suffice to say, it is my responsibility to take care of myself, not my state or federal government.  Tutu A may take Disability Social Security and Medicare, but Tutu worked 30 years and earned the Social Security and Healthcare benefit, or so we “Believers” thought.


Did you know those reporters and/or many folks on the airwaves oft times get paid by the number of words they speak??  Did you’all know that?  I know you know a great deal more than folks knew 100 years ago.  There has been a great deal of huffing and puffing as the news type folks bicker back & forth, especially when Trump threatens to “stop Daily Briefing” because he does not like “the heat of the pan”. Is that what Trump volunteered and worked very hard to JUMP IN??  Of course it is.  He has “New Head”.  I expected there would be some bumps along the way initially.


We all must try to JUMP IN and try.  The never give up attitude is at least positive.  At least Trump tries and it appears he tries very hard.  


Tutu D recommends all consumers of healthcare call your health care insurance company and ask how things are going to change.  Be informed.  Again, I grew up to not be a “lemming” or a “sheep” or a “victim”.  Educate yourself.  These were my Mother’s words so it kinda makes sense I would end up with these in my vocabulary.  If you are so inclined, email your Congressional and Senatorial representatives with how healthcare affects Your life.  That is what they need to take back in for further legislation.  I began to write my elected officials.  I never received a response but I felt it incumbent to share my expertise.  .


Again, as a “Kapuna”, Tutu A wishes to pass down information gathered along the way, in a generous & humble way.  I spent my life sharing my words, especially while employed.  Since November 2007, yes a decade ago, I became both unemployed & disabled so I have had time.  My blog will hopefully educate, entertain a bit and is readable in a way one would hear the words clearly & not through someone who is impaired, so forgive some of my fumbling about….and I am old.  LOL LOL  I maintain a good sense of humor.  (See my bio for more “deets” to “moi-self”.    It is time to JUMP IN.


Therefore, my “language’ may not have kept up with the time.


Are you ready to receive a wee bit more mentoring/education?  I pray for open minds…..


I routinely speak about Continuity of Care & the changes of Language to today’s Language, Lexicon  Sometimes a person’s “New Head” (see additional description about a 35 yr process) prevents integration of information so I will speak of it again, plus repetition helps solidify known info.


Again, you deserve Continuity of Care from the designated Primary Care Physician/Practitioner. * Continuity of Care is a process where the medical practitioner you chose regularly reviews your medical chart and history (at least annually), including any referral requests made, to ensure all diagnoses, preventative health are addressed timely and appropriately.  The practitioner is responsible to communicate, as appropriate, with the patient what medical processes and/or procedures are required to ensure maximum results and/or outcomes toward your overall health, including preventative care.


All patients deserve an annual physical exam.  If you have insurance and/or have a job, are an independent human, you have a responsibility to make sure you are healthy for that job, for your family, for your future.  There is no age to begin since your parents hopefully began the important process of regular medical and dental (don’t get me going) check-ups.  Both the patient & physician must stay on top of appropriate testing for the age/sex/conditions to ensure, again, Continuity of Care.  Do you need blood work?  A mammogram?  Don’t be squeamish, someone saw your privates way before you became aware, okay?  Suck it up if you have not been in a while and get checked.  No excuses. You know what they say about excuses?  LOL  LOL


It is all of our responsibility to assist our community collectively to promote, encourage and maintain good, healthy lives.  What is your contribution?


The changes to language seems to occur every couple of years.  Each new generation always brings their genre to an ever growing field of words to choose from.  Language eventually became subject  to the Political Correct Police.  You know them right?  Awk, Yikes & oh Crap.


So here a few important acronyms in healthcare that might be healthcare:  In another folder is a list of My Favorite & Not Fav Words, Or Other Words.


PCP is a Primary Care Physician

MD is a Medical Doctor

DO has a Doctorate of Osteopathic Medicine

NO is a Naturopathic Physician (must Fact Check)

OD is an Optometrist

DC is a Chiropractor

NP is a Nurse Practitioner

PA is a Physician’s Assistant

MFT is a Marriage, Family Therapist (each state may have a different version through their State Licensing Agency)

PT is a Physical Therapist

PTA is a Physical Therapist Aid


Alooooooooooooha, with warm Maui breezes, Tutu D Chats & Chatting You Up.



For more information or questions, click the appropriate button.


Tutu A was born during the period time recently identified as Generation – Jones, or Joneses.  We were born at the end of the Baby Boomer years and “the powers that be”, who are these folks anyhoo?, this category was created, born, birthed, made so.  At least, the little black or white box tells me that.  In all my articles Tutu A will refer to “the box” as the source of information.  “The box” is our precious cell phones and/or computers that link me to the wonderous internet, another gift to society.  Well, let us all a big LOL.  So Google or Wikipedia provide 95% of my historical information.


I was the first complete generation to be raised with television.  My having a great imagination, I watched with wonder as we progressed from early shows like CAPTAIN KANGAROO, WALLY GATOR, MIGHTY MOUSE, FATHER KNOWS BEST, BRADY BUNCH, THE DONNA REED SHOW & let us not forget THE NELSON’S, RED SKELTON, THE ED SULLIVAN SHOW, THE HONEYMOONERS, and on and on.  


Tutu A monitors, or watches with obsessive accuracy to provide the public with a “Tutu’s” (old Polynesian word for Grandmother taken on by the islanders of Hawaii) eye and sense of humor.  My obsessive accuracy is due to the occasional short term memory issues so Tutu A watches most shows 2-3 times, depending on the content.


Growing up with the family dynamics Tutu A experienced, Tutu A used music, television, movies, writing stories, poetry and plays all the way to today’s multi-media to educate, entertain, pass time, and learned to absolutely embrace the quality of learning can come from multiple sources.  The invention of cable shows bought many more historical, documentary, and educational type programming that clicked in this culturally minded, curious and adventurous soul.  Of course there are spiritual channels that replaced radio Sunday Services, there is absolutely everything a human, or alien, as hubby believes to learn.  All of this assisted  me figure out much about life.


Tutu A discovered BRAVO, and every evolving channel pretty much the day or month it debuted.  To say Tutu A is hooked, line & sinker, addicted to the sociologically revealing programs.  Bachelor, Bachelorette, REALITY SO CALLED TV.  I love to say “I prefer my drama on TV, than in my real life, LOL but that is not very realistic, LOL”.  Generation Joneses are very interested in being real…look it up….pretty cool.  Looking back I certainly can see that was the case.  Oh, the clothes, the clothes were crazy and I loved fashion.


Every show about fashion cannot be missed.  Every movie Tutu A is too busy to go physically to the movies, Pay-Per-View and “every movie channel available” really assists full viewing pleasure.


However, Tutu A watches fairly closed to 80% of ALL televised programming, no kidding.  There are very few areas that are not interesting to me and please do not be offended ANYONE if there I do not watch a show you love.  I can watch only so much.  Having been bed ridden for many years gave me quite a leg up to catch up and get hooked on many new areas of televised programs.  Once my list of programs actively, and rotating on my DVR so as to not have 100s of programs on shows to record.  Once a season is over the “To Record” button is pushed because my psyche just knows when the next season is about to premiere.  My reviews may be a wee bit dated, i.e., but our goal is to post within a week of the airing.  


Tutu A Chats Warm Breezes & Aloha Always…

Watch What Happens Live-Hosted by Andy “The Man” Cohen

We catch up with Andy on his 14th Season where Andy has decided to travel from his home base of New York, although Andy is from Kansas City, Missouri, to the glitter of Los Angeles.  Tutu A hopes Andy brings the Gay Shark along and has many of his LA based “Bravolebrities” coming in to have some fun.


Season 14 Episode 83 from LA:


The opening of the show with the PUMP kids was awesome.  Close to a new beginning for next year.  So Hillary Swank and Kate Mara with the ever annoying James from Vanderpump Rules are on tonight.  Not sure if this is one I will enjoy hanging.  Unless there is one of the Bravo-lebrities or someone I actually would watch, then I am all in, but I only saw one Hillary Swank movie, The OG Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie…not a single one after.  Kate Mara?  Nothing strikes me sadly.  


Ok, Kate loves Erica Jane, her fiancé Dorinda if they would be in her upcoming nuptials.  They read what these ladies had said in their shows and it is mildly entertaining, a 6.5 on a 10 scale.


Vanderpump shows up with puppies, of course, we love that! Times 100.  Comfort pups during stressful questioning.  Live show for this week.  


Of course, Hillary Swank has an athletic line of clothing.  So many athletic wear designers..I am bored.  Nigh Nigh….


With Aloha Breezes from Tutu A


Tutu’s Rename of Episode:  Below Dicks & Janes –


Picking up around Episode 4, but have watched both Below Deck and BD Mediterranean since day 1.  Melia is the eye candy for this year, although they are trying to sex it up this year with the Naked People, as if?  Every episode shows lots of skin but this episode we have fully naked women reading scripted news, of course, tastefully blurred out.  We know what is there folks!  LOL  We all watch week after week. The cast, shipmates are better looking, better lighting and producing, LOL.


Hannah has finally broke jock Bobby and she forgives him .  The captain is asked to dinner and tonight’s theme is romance and will be extra sexy so chef, not Ben again, so we shall wait and see.  Don’t these folks get it we LOVE BEN and we LOVE EMILY, who BTW are still going strong, if you check social media these days, so that Lauren, may in fact be the ho, jerk Bobby accused her to be.  But we cannot bully the girls.  Lauren breaks into tears and has to seek deckhand Melia’s help for dinner service, hmmm, the plot thickens because chef has his eyes on Miss Melia, as the rest of the boat.  Lauren is just beside herself.  Chef flirts like Ben, but is missing the accent.  Thank the stars for Hannah’s lovely, mostly classy language.


Chef complains like Ben, but again, not Ben, sorry.  Perhaps it is the British accent and charm that goes on for days….the puppy dog eyes got me day one.  Oops.  Back to our Episode!  Anchor problems are about to break & someone will take the heat for that one.  But Captain Sandy seems too nice.  She seems like she would give you a neck rub if you need it.  Oh, perhaps she already did that?  I fear our dear Captain is slightly attracted to a few crew.  Melia is doing double duty with watching the anchor and internal service.  Oh oh.


But the votes are in about Captain Sandy!  She rocks, well not literally.  She is a great lady captain.  She wants to be liked, though, perhaps more than watching some things on the boat and tonight has dinner with the Naked News guests.  Thank Goodness they did not drift up close to the rocks during  dinner.  It is now almost 11 pm and dessert is not yet served.  The guests are getting restless as Hannah checks the clock.  Ben, again, would NOT let that happen.


Sorry guys, after oodles of seasons of this FUN, FUN FRANCHISE, no other Chef compares to Ben.  But all artists need rest.  Rest Chef Ben (Picasso) Johnson (check) and hope to see You and Miss Em (Emily) quite soon.  Maybe a wedding?  Maybe a spin off??  A girl can dream.  We will keep an eye out of you on another season of Below Deck.


So, as predicted a massive anchor snag happens and “green” deckhand Bobby acts like an idiot.  The tip is going down.  Captain Sandy?  Call for a Tender??  Bosum in the water, Naked News starts again.  Time for a water taxi, obvie!  Yeah, Chef brings out snacks.  That has gotta help?!? Tip from Mr. Skin?  Hannah & Chef performed very well, sounded like tip will be okay but the anchor is still tangled like a woman’s necklace in the bottom of a jewelry bottom corner.


So perhaps Captain Sandy screwed the pooch, as Captain Lee would say with the anchors by trying to get too damn close to those rocks for those guests.  May knock out the entire yacht season if the boat cannot pull into a harbor.  As Captain Sandy says, you have to have anchors.  Well, they may not have the adequate number for a yacht its size.  I prefer Captain Lee’s “someone screwed the pooch”.  Oh my, to be continued.


Tutu A with Warm Breezes & Cool Nights & Always Chats…

Southern Charm

As a long time Bravo obsessed watcher, tonight’s episode of Southern Charm, absolutely requires comment.  Thomas (sniff, sniff) Ravenel, of South Carolina fame, has recently spoken about “wanting a mother for his children.”  Well, Mr. Ravenel, your two children already have a mother.  No matter what the every other week hassle, those children deserve their mother.  And, the fact appears that Katherine, the much easy target who stupidly got involved with this much older man, fell victim to his Southern Charm, and believe me from experience, he continues to self-medicate, he is simply controlled.  Thomas has had much more time at it than Katherine.  She was no match for him.


Now enters sweet smiling Landon, whose saccharine smile reminds me of many other fake women who smile through pain, just smile all the time.  They think that smile will be all she needs in life.  Her faintly veiled performance at her Blog seemed to be written and put together by several other women, but I promise to check it out and let you folks know if it has any level and kind of class she surely tries to convince the viewers every week she just must possess.


I love Shep’s attempt at better health.  Not sure the not drinking will last as long as he might wish, so we shall see if during the hunting weekend he dissolves back to the booze.  Of course, “Governor” Ravenel, or as Andy Cohen (the creator of most of Bravo network series), cannot attend the hunting as he was convicted of a felony and has a lifetime ban on being near any firearms.


Let out the hounds, calls the man who barely speaks English.  Shep shoots, nothing.  Austen, who never shot a gun before, get his fowl on his first shot.  Cameron chooses fishing along with whiskey, restaurant man’s wife (minor cast) and cast, LOL, to reel, LOL, nothing in. Get that, cast & cast, reel & television reel?  Guess that shows my age.  LOL  


Craig and Naomie are fighting so fortunately they are off on separate hunts.  She is hunting for a man to take responsibility for himself straight up.  He thinks us viewing public are absolutely stupid and don’t see his shenigans while “trying” to get his law bar results.  (SPOILER:  SPOILER:  Don’t read next paragraph if you don’t want to know about Craig’s bar results……….he passed.  Sigh of relief for next season!  Phew!  I bet he can breathe.  Not sure if he passed and had to continue taking the exam or venture off on some other dumb ass hobby.  Craig:  your friends are finding you quite the “thirsty”, potentially “hangry” person.   You do seem to have lost weight.  Too much worrying.


And there it happened, a possible “squeeze” Shep had his heart possibly thinking about ends up snuggling with buddy Austen, so the whiskey was poured.  It seems Sheppy does not know how to handle his emotions.  Speak to the girl Sheppy.  Too late?  Cameron’s commentary is that that boat has sailed.  Thomas arrives and Landon plays coy…giggling she should stay away.  Oh her dimples, again with that saccharine smile.  


Thomas is “asked” how the kids are and he behaves like a blushing bride & they discuss custody.  Katherine, no matter what will always be those children’s mother.   Landon cringes when Liz, her name is Liz, the Godmother of Thomas & Katherine’s children when Katherine’s name is brought up.  The cast then does what is always does, get rip roaring drunk.  Cameron is the gage here.  When she starts curling up giggling the night is over & Austen gets the girl…or will he keep her?  Shep has quite the track record, but once there is boinking feelings do begin, although sweet Chelsea says she “doesn’t want a regular relationship yet”.   So how will everything turn out for our South Carolina group?  


The previews of what is still to come out?  Well, Katherine reveals to Thomas (the only compelling story the show has ever had, come folks, really?) that she will love him forever with her cat eyes, red lips and red hair in a pony tail to perfection.  He bats his puppy dog eyes, so we know that will end up as no good for Katherine….she is so gullible.  She really thinks if she stays sober long enough she will get him to fall back in love.  I don’t think so young lady.  Too many powers are against thee.


So we will wait until next week.  I have taken up Southern Charm, Savannah (Georgia for those geographically challenged).  I have seen one episode and will watch the second tonight.  I will let you know if it meets with my criteria (see Pop Culture Show Criteria-to be posted soon).