Tutu A was born during the period time recently identified as Generation – Jones, or Joneses.  We were born at the end of the Baby Boomer years and “the powers that be”, who are these folks anyhoo?, this category was created, born, birthed, made so.  At least, the little black or white box tells me that.  In all my articles Tutu A will refer to “the box” as the source of information.  “The box” is our precious cell phones and/or computers that link me to the wonderous internet, another gift to society.  Well, let us all a big LOL.  So Google or Wikipedia provide 95% of my historical information.


I was the first complete generation to be raised with television.  My having a great imagination, I watched with wonder as we progressed from early shows like CAPTAIN KANGAROO, WALLY GATOR, MIGHTY MOUSE, FATHER KNOWS BEST, BRADY BUNCH, THE DONNA REED SHOW & let us not forget THE NELSON’S, RED SKELTON, THE ED SULLIVAN SHOW, THE HONEYMOONERS, and on and on.  


Tutu A monitors, or watches with obsessive accuracy to provide the public with a “Tutu’s” (old Polynesian word for Grandmother taken on by the islanders of Hawaii) eye and sense of humor.  My obsessive accuracy is due to the occasional short term memory issues so Tutu A watches most shows 2-3 times, depending on the content.


Growing up with the family dynamics Tutu A experienced, Tutu A used music, television, movies, writing stories, poetry and plays all the way to today’s multi-media to educate, entertain, pass time, and learned to absolutely embrace the quality of learning can come from multiple sources.  The invention of cable shows bought many more historical, documentary, and educational type programming that clicked in this culturally minded, curious and adventurous soul.  Of course there are spiritual channels that replaced radio Sunday Services, there is absolutely everything a human, or alien, as hubby believes to learn.  All of this assisted  me figure out much about life.


Tutu A discovered BRAVO, and every evolving channel pretty much the day or month it debuted.  To say Tutu A is hooked, line & sinker, addicted to the sociologically revealing programs.  Bachelor, Bachelorette, REALITY SO CALLED TV.  I love to say “I prefer my drama on TV, than in my real life, LOL but that is not very realistic, LOL”.  Generation Joneses are very interested in being real…look it up….pretty cool.  Looking back I certainly can see that was the case.  Oh, the clothes, the clothes were crazy and I loved fashion.


Every show about fashion cannot be missed.  Every movie Tutu A is too busy to go physically to the movies, Pay-Per-View and “every movie channel available” really assists full viewing pleasure.


However, Tutu A watches fairly closed to 80% of ALL televised programming, no kidding.  There are very few areas that are not interesting to me and please do not be offended ANYONE if there I do not watch a show you love.  I can watch only so much.  Having been bed ridden for many years gave me quite a leg up to catch up and get hooked on many new areas of televised programs.  Once my list of programs actively, and rotating on my DVR so as to not have 100s of programs on shows to record.  Once a season is over the “To Record” button is pushed because my psyche just knows when the next season is about to premiere.  My reviews may be a wee bit dated, i.e., but our goal is to post within a week of the airing.  


Tutu A Chats Warm Breezes & Aloha Always…

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