Watch What Happens Live-Hosted by Andy “The Man” Cohen

We catch up with Andy on his 14th Season where Andy has decided to travel from his home base of New York, although Andy is from Kansas City, Missouri, to the glitter of Los Angeles.  Tutu A hopes Andy brings the Gay Shark along and has many of his LA based “Bravolebrities” coming in to have some fun.


Season 14 Episode 83 from LA:


The opening of the show with the PUMP kids was awesome.  Close to a new beginning for next year.  So Hillary Swank and Kate Mara with the ever annoying James from Vanderpump Rules are on tonight.  Not sure if this is one I will enjoy hanging.  Unless there is one of the Bravo-lebrities or someone I actually would watch, then I am all in, but I only saw one Hillary Swank movie, The OG Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie…not a single one after.  Kate Mara?  Nothing strikes me sadly.  


Ok, Kate loves Erica Jane, her fiancé Dorinda if they would be in her upcoming nuptials.  They read what these ladies had said in their shows and it is mildly entertaining, a 6.5 on a 10 scale.


Vanderpump shows up with puppies, of course, we love that! Times 100.  Comfort pups during stressful questioning.  Live show for this week.  


Of course, Hillary Swank has an athletic line of clothing.  So many athletic wear designers..I am bored.  Nigh Nigh….


With Aloha Breezes from Tutu A

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