Tutu’s Rename of Episode:  Below Dicks & Janes –


Picking up around Episode 4, but have watched both Below Deck and BD Mediterranean since day 1.  Melia is the eye candy for this year, although they are trying to sex it up this year with the Naked People, as if?  Every episode shows lots of skin but this episode we have fully naked women reading scripted news, of course, tastefully blurred out.  We know what is there folks!  LOL  We all watch week after week. The cast, shipmates are better looking, better lighting and producing, LOL.


Hannah has finally broke jock Bobby and she forgives him .  The captain is asked to dinner and tonight’s theme is romance and will be extra sexy so chef, not Ben again, so we shall wait and see.  Don’t these folks get it we LOVE BEN and we LOVE EMILY, who BTW are still going strong, if you check social media these days, so that Lauren, may in fact be the ho, jerk Bobby accused her to be.  But we cannot bully the girls.  Lauren breaks into tears and has to seek deckhand Melia’s help for dinner service, hmmm, the plot thickens because chef has his eyes on Miss Melia, as the rest of the boat.  Lauren is just beside herself.  Chef flirts like Ben, but is missing the accent.  Thank the stars for Hannah’s lovely, mostly classy language.


Chef complains like Ben, but again, not Ben, sorry.  Perhaps it is the British accent and charm that goes on for days….the puppy dog eyes got me day one.  Oops.  Back to our Episode!  Anchor problems are about to break & someone will take the heat for that one.  But Captain Sandy seems too nice.  She seems like she would give you a neck rub if you need it.  Oh, perhaps she already did that?  I fear our dear Captain is slightly attracted to a few crew.  Melia is doing double duty with watching the anchor and internal service.  Oh oh.


But the votes are in about Captain Sandy!  She rocks, well not literally.  She is a great lady captain.  She wants to be liked, though, perhaps more than watching some things on the boat and tonight has dinner with the Naked News guests.  Thank Goodness they did not drift up close to the rocks during  dinner.  It is now almost 11 pm and dessert is not yet served.  The guests are getting restless as Hannah checks the clock.  Ben, again, would NOT let that happen.


Sorry guys, after oodles of seasons of this FUN, FUN FRANCHISE, no other Chef compares to Ben.  But all artists need rest.  Rest Chef Ben (Picasso) Johnson (check) and hope to see You and Miss Em (Emily) quite soon.  Maybe a wedding?  Maybe a spin off??  A girl can dream.  We will keep an eye out of you on another season of Below Deck.


So, as predicted a massive anchor snag happens and “green” deckhand Bobby acts like an idiot.  The tip is going down.  Captain Sandy?  Call for a Tender??  Bosum in the water, Naked News starts again.  Time for a water taxi, obvie!  Yeah, Chef brings out snacks.  That has gotta help?!? Tip from Mr. Skin?  Hannah & Chef performed very well, sounded like tip will be okay but the anchor is still tangled like a woman’s necklace in the bottom of a jewelry bottom corner.


So perhaps Captain Sandy screwed the pooch, as Captain Lee would say with the anchors by trying to get too damn close to those rocks for those guests.  May knock out the entire yacht season if the boat cannot pull into a harbor.  As Captain Sandy says, you have to have anchors.  Well, they may not have the adequate number for a yacht its size.  I prefer Captain Lee’s “someone screwed the pooch”.  Oh my, to be continued.


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