Southern Charm

As a long time Bravo obsessed watcher, tonight’s episode of Southern Charm, absolutely requires comment.  Thomas (sniff, sniff) Ravenel, of South Carolina fame, has recently spoken about “wanting a mother for his children.”  Well, Mr. Ravenel, your two children already have a mother.  No matter what the every other week hassle, those children deserve their mother.  And, the fact appears that Katherine, the much easy target who stupidly got involved with this much older man, fell victim to his Southern Charm, and believe me from experience, he continues to self-medicate, he is simply controlled.  Thomas has had much more time at it than Katherine.  She was no match for him.


Now enters sweet smiling Landon, whose saccharine smile reminds me of many other fake women who smile through pain, just smile all the time.  They think that smile will be all she needs in life.  Her faintly veiled performance at her Blog seemed to be written and put together by several other women, but I promise to check it out and let you folks know if it has any level and kind of class she surely tries to convince the viewers every week she just must possess.


I love Shep’s attempt at better health.  Not sure the not drinking will last as long as he might wish, so we shall see if during the hunting weekend he dissolves back to the booze.  Of course, “Governor” Ravenel, or as Andy Cohen (the creator of most of Bravo network series), cannot attend the hunting as he was convicted of a felony and has a lifetime ban on being near any firearms.


Let out the hounds, calls the man who barely speaks English.  Shep shoots, nothing.  Austen, who never shot a gun before, get his fowl on his first shot.  Cameron chooses fishing along with whiskey, restaurant man’s wife (minor cast) and cast, LOL, to reel, LOL, nothing in. Get that, cast & cast, reel & television reel?  Guess that shows my age.  LOL  


Craig and Naomie are fighting so fortunately they are off on separate hunts.  She is hunting for a man to take responsibility for himself straight up.  He thinks us viewing public are absolutely stupid and don’t see his shenigans while “trying” to get his law bar results.  (SPOILER:  SPOILER:  Don’t read next paragraph if you don’t want to know about Craig’s bar results……….he passed.  Sigh of relief for next season!  Phew!  I bet he can breathe.  Not sure if he passed and had to continue taking the exam or venture off on some other dumb ass hobby.  Craig:  your friends are finding you quite the “thirsty”, potentially “hangry” person.   You do seem to have lost weight.  Too much worrying.


And there it happened, a possible “squeeze” Shep had his heart possibly thinking about ends up snuggling with buddy Austen, so the whiskey was poured.  It seems Sheppy does not know how to handle his emotions.  Speak to the girl Sheppy.  Too late?  Cameron’s commentary is that that boat has sailed.  Thomas arrives and Landon plays coy…giggling she should stay away.  Oh her dimples, again with that saccharine smile.  


Thomas is “asked” how the kids are and he behaves like a blushing bride & they discuss custody.  Katherine, no matter what will always be those children’s mother.   Landon cringes when Liz, her name is Liz, the Godmother of Thomas & Katherine’s children when Katherine’s name is brought up.  The cast then does what is always does, get rip roaring drunk.  Cameron is the gage here.  When she starts curling up giggling the night is over & Austen gets the girl…or will he keep her?  Shep has quite the track record, but once there is boinking feelings do begin, although sweet Chelsea says she “doesn’t want a regular relationship yet”.   So how will everything turn out for our South Carolina group?  


The previews of what is still to come out?  Well, Katherine reveals to Thomas (the only compelling story the show has ever had, come folks, really?) that she will love him forever with her cat eyes, red lips and red hair in a pony tail to perfection.  He bats his puppy dog eyes, so we know that will end up as no good for Katherine….she is so gullible.  She really thinks if she stays sober long enough she will get him to fall back in love.  I don’t think so young lady.  Too many powers are against thee.


So we will wait until next week.  I have taken up Southern Charm, Savannah (Georgia for those geographically challenged).  I have seen one episode and will watch the second tonight.  I will let you know if it meets with my criteria (see Pop Culture Show Criteria-to be posted soon).

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