Evolution of Women & Family

Tutu A was a child born in the mid-1950’s, an era renamed as the “Generation of the Joneses”, or aptly, “keeping up with the Joneses”.  I watched in horror how folks my age “jonz’d” for designer clothing, designer this & that became a competition truthfully I just observed, chuckled, and stuck with my “traditional, classic” business looks and whatever “feminine” somewhat trendy daytime wear.  Women graduating high school, like her mother before her, still aspired for marriage and family as soon as possible with a work life second.

The sexual revolution had already begun before Tutu A came of age in the early 70’s, she enjoyed “the Flower Power” message of Woodstock, not knowing fully the “angst” of the older teenagers, young adults who turned on and tuned out.  My generation was wishful dreamers who found solace in songs of freedom by Joan Baez; warm, gentle lyrics of James Taylor, John Lennon’s “Imagine”, and simple message songs like Carole King’s like “You’ve Got A Friend”.  Many were still “hopeless romantics”, not understanding what the word “hopeless” could really mean.  Karen Carpenter sang “We’ve Only Just Begun” the year Tutu A graduated, not knowing the crippling illness underneath Karen’s love songs.

Tutu A experienced all genres of music from Motown to Disco, Revel’s Bolero (fantastically played out in Bo Derek’s movie “10”) to The Who’s TOMMY & most classical pieces, anything live.  Her mother introduced her to music and taught her to listen to the beauty is most any music.  But there is a ying & yang effect for all things….ALL THINGS.  

Steven Stills of Crosby, Stills & Nash created some deeply meaningful “poetry” that saturated into this era’s music.  Who does not think of a little Barry White music now & again???….okay, I get it, no one remembers Barry White.  Look it up and listen.  During the mid-1980’s to ‘90’s harmony bands returned, acapella, and that seems to be the beginning of what blends we hear in music today.

Is Madonna still relevant?  She was a woman with whom many found inspiration, maybe not so much any longer.  “Ray of Light” was her last phenom-type hit.  It was inspirational.  No longer “thirsty” as the young ones say these days.  She has been “adulting” (yes that is now a word) way to long to get into those depths of her soul for profound music.  

Music aside, women have more history that reveals strong women to watch and learn.  A true Connection through Communication is what calms the human heart.  Through literature to television, the works of Shakespeare, the War of the Roses (not excluding the updated version with Michael Douglas & Kathleen Turner, who?).  Again, Tutu A prays the words from strong women in history: Catherine of Aragon, King Henry VIII’s first wife to Jacqueline Kennedy, wife of President John F. Kennedy to Ivana Trump, President Donald J. Trump’s eldest daughter & Meghan McCain, daughter of Senator John McCain.  We have much to learn from them. How much has really changed?

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