Evolution of Women & Family II

We all seem to gravitate toward our stated generation, added with our family & social surroundings, along with that very special individual thing we call “choice”, our “magical direction”, “free will” destined to all humans through eternal spirit.  In addition,  technological advancements furthered to define folks merging into adulthood, where girls become women, boys become men and if all goes the way God or some higher power pre-destined, that folks find a way to couple….Love finds a way, at least that is how the past 60 years seem to have unfolded.

When Saturday morning television was invented, well, parents found a new way to occupy a young one, giving that time back, functionally in ways women would learn the definition of multi-tasking.  Oh my when washers & dryers became the norm, time was given, taken away causing women to actually “think about her own pursuits”, beyond that of a wife & mother.  Rock & Roll, Walks on the Moon, the Internet, of course invented by Al Gore, ex-VP of USA, truly he did try to take credit for that one, LOL

The United States of America is about to celebrate it’s 100 anniversary for Women & Blacks to be given the right to vote.  Those words seem to not seem to mean much, nor do I think many women actually are aware of this very “new” right we have earned in the big scheme of 2017 years of Life.

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