Evolution of Women and Family III

History repeats and so do our media stories, with a rare story that has yet to be told.  I learned to educate and absorb as much history in order to form a more informed opinion.  Tutu A is a student of a woman’s life, going back as far the end of the War of the Roses 1455-1487 through one of the biggest change in Faith & Religion post King Henry VIII (1509-1547) , the British reigns of Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth, to Queen Victoria, referencing Hawaii’s very own Queen Liliuokalani (1838-1917) and during the mid 1800’s horrific “pograms*” were sweeping country after country. (* side explanation)  

Tutu A’s family was about to make a decision that would bring about her Life, so it seems appropriate to start at “my” beginning and see what parallels, enlightenment gained, and how these women whose first name began with the letter “A” experienced.  Of course it would be the first letter, the first of those to come.  The OG, the original, sort of.  Ancestry.com can make a person’s brain frazzle when peering into a see of family with the same name all across the board.  In Tutu A’s family, this “A” daughter was given the name from her grandmother and Tutu A validated this phenomenon going back 300 years.  

The meaning of Tutu A’s first name is noble.  How fitting.

What was the catalyst of women’s evolution?  Oft times, it is a person’s spiritual sense of survival.  During these European Pograms, with the object of annihilation of a race, created folks who deeply felt the need to survive.  Tutu A’s relative received a letter of introduction, most likely through a German synagogue or other spiritual entity to find a “mail order bride”.  During this time, the 1850’s women did not have independent choice.  Their mother or father had control over the disposition of a daughter into the world.  Boys were trained to become providers and women to care for the hearth and home, giving her husband many fine, healthy children, especially after watching the murderous genocide from their homeland.

During the time of 1850 to the 1950’s when Tutu A was born, when Tutu A’s grandmother was born & raised, the role of women had not significantly changed.  Yes, women were more widely becoming educated, but women continued to marry young and begin to have children.  However, as technology evolved so did the family unit.   Simply put, the more options create a culture of folks “wanting more & more”, obsessed much?

One theme prevalent throughout these centuries was that women did a great deal of “praying”.  The first “A” that hit the shores of the United States was a praying woman.  It was just as much a part of the job description for a woman, as learning other “womanly” responsibilities, childbirth notwithstanding.

Through the media available to Tutu A during her lifetime provides an unique perspective of how women have evolved, retracted, grown to great heights and how we can single handedly sabotage close to a lifetime’s work.  It happens, just like a movie, novel or television program, but messier.  All media glorifies whatever aspect of agenda the writer, director and producers choose.

Tutu A will post under this section whenever something of Women’s Evolution comes to light through the news, internet or television programming.  Life taught me that when a problem is presented, try to find a solution.  If you have any positive, enlightening comments or links to Women & Family Evolution, please feel free to forward.

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