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Funny thing about this journal of sorts is I heard from my son-in-law that Patrick Stewart has some TV show called BLUNT TALK, which may be similar to this journal any many of my others….hee teedle.  Now that is a great word.  My mom had a knack for using an ordinary word like “Yodels” as a greeting.  She those who never heard of the guy).  And in Tim Gunn’s very words (Project Runway):


Carry On….


Great Words:  The thing about “words” are there are SOOOO many great ones.  Every one of us has our own, but perhaps some of these might resonate with a few.  Language is how we communicate & get through Life.  I am profoundly struck how many folks abuse certain words.  Must read on to see where listed.  Below are the author’s list of Great words, either original, again hahaha, tee heedless, or quoted.  The author tells many stories where many of the below became “her lexicon”.


To many, we sit on the edge of our seats, to hear our parents words, but to others we listen to Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents, Godparents, sometimes Teachers/Faith Individuals.  The author listens to ALL, at times to her chagrin, overdosing on lexicon.  Authors influences for words, language came from Simon & Garfunkel, James Taylor, Carole King, Albert Einstein, Superman, Oprah, Robin Williams, J. K. Rowling, Andy Rooney & Andy Cohen to Gene Roddenberry….Joss Whedon.  Author swoons when a new Whedon production comes to fruition.  Miss the days of Firefly, like many.  I dare any reader to find a current AWESOME syfy, fantasy show without a graduate writer, actor or producer from one of Whedon’s shows.




Thank You


Hemingway said:  

“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man,

True nobility is being superior to your former self”


Culture:  Art, Ballet, Theatre, Literature

Sub-Culture:  Hippies, Feminism, Sisterhood, Ohana


OK, as a young lady of 13 yrs, the author discovered Hawaii.  There are only 13 letters in the Hawaiian vocabulary.  For a girl raised in the Mid-West pronouncing the vowels makes brain go wonky…in a good way.     Soooooo, the longer the exposure to paradise is amazing, and still the “sanctuary” found almost 50 yrs ago.  But Tutu A believes her spirit was born in Hawaii and it appears through modern technology, this is a truth.


Ohana:  Means “family” in Hawaiian, noun.  Also word used to describe a cottage or small “mother-in-law” dwelling on a property, adjective to describe a noun.  


Tutu:  Means Grandmother in the Hawaiian Islands.  Not usual meaning of a girl/boy in a ballet outfit.  NO.  Tutu is a word created by the Polynesians who landed in Hawaii, a melting pot of yummy goodness


Tutu Kane:  Grandfather


Nui:  Great:  author’s mother-in-law is a Tutu Nui having been blessed with 3 lovely great-grand-daughters.  Or add “Nui” to most any word is always fun.  


Aloha:  Pronounced AH-loooooooooooooooow-HA, this word has several meanings.  I was taught in the 60’s a wee bit about Aloha, which is a welcome, hello & goodbye.  Over the past 2 decades, she learned the true Spiritual meaning, something I believe is what her ohana from Hawaii always wrote in every card or note to me.


Must Dance….


Bhashert:  Yiddish for everything is meant to be?


Mensche:  A good person


Perclempt:  Overwhelmed


Pu’unene:  Pronounced with great diaphragmatic force: Poo oo Nay Nay


Pamoi:  Means really bad.  Fabulous word made up by a family member when he was a child, bless his heart.


Mazel Tov:  Congratulations, but it just sounds & feels tingly on the tongue & lips


Schplikus:  (Yiddish) Old saying “you have ants in your pants”.  That is it.  LOL.  LOL  Many kids are diagnosed with ADHD or some other “condition” for growing pains & adults just get arthritis so I witness the Schplikus happening to myself, a condition called Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS).  Some discomfort is normal & must be endured, plain & simple.  Discomfort usually is a sign of a warning, many times, but not all Schplikus requires “a pill” or “treatment”.  


PONO:  Means “be right, do right” in Hawaiian.  Like respectful.  Author likes “P” words.  Tee hee.


P words:  Peace, Pineapple, Party, Please, Purple, Prince (the musical genius RIP), and Tutu A once had a Potluck P Party where all dishes brought to the Potluck started with the letter “P”.  Add a pool and who could have a boring time?


Any Hispanic word that allows the speaker to roll his/her “R’s” with magnificent gusto.


Ole’, Viva, Bravo


Thank You, Gratitude, Mahalo, Muchas Gracias, Gracie, any word that expresses “Thanksgiving”


LOVE:  Any kind, especially “Spiritual”, Spiritual Love is Freedom to Love Thoroughly, Warts & All


What Queen Victoria said about her dog, Dash, on his tombstone:


“His attachment was without selfishness.

His playfulness without malice.

His fidelity without deceit.


If You would be loved and die regretted.  

Profit by the example of Dash.”


Mary Poppins word:  Supercalifragilisticexpedaladocious – worth repeating


On the “the TUDORs” television series:  Queen Katherine of Aragon, Henry VIII first wife upon learning of his marriage to Lady Anne Boleyn & loss of ever seeing her daughter, Mary, ever again:


“If I had to choose between extreme happiness & extreme sorrow, I would always choose sorrow because for when You are happy you forget about spiritual things, you forget about God, but in your sorrow HE is always with You.”


Also from the same series:

Lord Brandon (King Henry VIII bestie) (who also seemingly was successful for NOT discussing politics or religion), played by Superman’s Henry Cavill, nummy, said, when the future Kind Edward’s Uncle Edward Seymour asked if Lord Brandon would move against him.


“The French peasants have a saying, it goes:  Praise the God of All, drink the wine, and let the World be the World”.  (Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, interestingly creepy with some forebearing of the future of the PC “politically correct” world.)


Lucy, I’m home…


Pussy:  (Cover Your Eyes)  Only said the way ROBIN WILLIAMS said it on THE ACTOR’S STUDIO TV show.


Robin Williams was quoted:  (somewhat paraphrased)  In genius there is a spark of madness.  Please take time to chew on his words, swallow slowly, and hopefully come to the reason, we ALL should tap into that “spark of madness” in all of us.  We just need to find it.


Go see




Heeeeeeed:  As said by Mike Myers in SO, I MARRIED A MURDERER, as a Scottish Father yelling at his “large red-headed” son, becoming him to come.  Just makes a person laugh.




Making Amends




“Nostrils”:  As said by the fast order burger cook in BUFFY the VAMPIRE SLAYER episode when Buffy get a menial job.  Pronounced “naaaahssssstreeeels”.   The old lady who liked pies was the demon who was eating all the employees as they were stuffed with burgers delicious delight.




On Fire…as said by Tutu A’s son-in-law or Andy Cohen


Sir John Guilgood, movie ARTHUR, when Arthur tells him he is going to take a bath:

“I’ll alert the media”.


Same movie:

When Arthur & Sir John are waiting to see his father in his office finding no one smiling & inquiring why no smiles, Guilgood responds:

“They smile at lunch time, now sit up, we will go for ice cream later”.

When Arthur’s grandmother invites him for lunch & to discuss his inheritance with Liza Minelli waiting to hear the news:

“No thank You, Yes, to the money, but, I’d rather have a tunafish sandwich.”


I love You more than the Sun & the Moon, the Stars in the Sky & the

Seas & the Oceans wide.  (Author, Adele’s words in a sentence to define Unconditional Love)


You are my friend & I love You warts & all… said to author is early 1990’s by a very dear friend.  


Words of Mother, Vanozza Borgia to her son in THE BORGIAS TV series,

“Is there a cure for love?  

No, it can be endured, embraced & suffered.”


When the same question was asked of Tutu A’s hubby?  He thinks deeply, then proclaims:  “No, there should not be a cure” with the smallest smiling tear appearing in the corner of his eyes, barely visable.


Tutu A says:  Love is all there is…all that matters, ever, but above that is God, who give us the life to love & teaches us unconditional love.  Love was something women did not always have with either marriage or sex before the sexual revolution of the 1960’s.  



The bitterness of poor quality lingers long after the sweetness of low price!!


Quality has no fear of time!


CANARD:   OMGoodness, have you heard this one lately?  Chris Wallace uses it frequently and just discovered it means:  an unfounded rumor or story….a lie, right?   A lie is a lie, just like a rose by any other name???  Jiminy Christmas!  Geezaloo!  To the folks of my generation, a “canard” was a duck, perhaps a “French” version of the duck in cuisine, but used instead of the word a lie?


On International Day of the Girl 2015, Tutu A writes:


The next step is equality in our relationships…personal relationships with men.  I get typical roles, like I prefer hubby to take out the trash but I will get on my hands & knees, well butt since knees are metal, ha ha true, and scrub the baseboards or in places usually missed…SOOOO ladies, as a pioneering bra burner, work diligently, with honest dialog with the men in your life from the beginning (including family), have deep faith in something other than your sweet self, and again, be diligent…never give up on yourself, your family.  




Again with the Tudors TV series:


King Henry’s sister’s last words before her death as her husband is off with another woman, Henry’s sister exclaims about the man she loved most dearly….


“Softly love and to love softly.     Do you want a sycamore branch by the creaking gate while my heart hurries afterwards through the path of wheat along the briar to that stone under which I lie?”


(The above words were exclaimed right before her death…Tutu knows she will gently go some time…we never know when.  Tutu A prays we all remember this fact, that life is fleeting, really, and to always remember those we love at all times, as has been Tutu A’s life goal.)


NOT sure how these words will be perceived, but I know many folks “think” about how they can improve a relationship.  I surely have always been a student in the belief “life” is an education & why the hell NOT do everything in one’s power to do just that.  While perusing the TV guide, I came across a show entitled:  Fix My Mother.  During the visit episode the mother-daughter teams express “why they are seeking help” & the exercise to help identify the relationship issues found them in the infamous Los Angeles THE BASEMENT…A LIVE ESCAPE ROOM EXPERIENCE & assist the Life Coach to see how their relationships break down in extreme stress situations.  The place is meant to frighten & sometimes folks need a good scare in which to show someone they are truly on the brink of perhaps never finding fulfillment in their relationship.


Upon entering THE BASEMENT the following words were found on a wall.  


I never knew much about people until I just took one apart just to see how it worked.


The exercise called for the ladies to dissect a body, but metaphorically has quite the impact.


If ever in Los Angeles in need of an exercise in trust…..try it & perhaps think about how you would deal & perhaps believe in the things you know, talk about the things you don’t.


Christmas Discussion from Texas Restaurant Owner, 2015:  (a posted notice at restaurant)


THIS store is Politically Incorrect,


Merry Christmas

God Bless America

We salute our Flag & give thanks to our Troops, Police Officers & Fire Fighters

If this offends You, You are welcome to LEAVE

In God We Trust

LBK:  Lies, Bribes & Kickbacks said by Jesse Watters of Fox News as commentary toward Obamacare


HOMS, Syria 2011 was a democracy, 3rd largest city of the country & capitol of a revolution, once a place named a GREAT word:  “home”.  It was a place to live many thought would remain…, at least a million thought so, 1 million people is a pretty large number when one thinks upon it…

Today (2/4/16)  Fox news reports how “HOMS, Syria”, pronounced “home”, is a ghost town of devastation war destroyed.  The call or last words recorded by someone at the BBC?  “The rest of the world has failed us”.    So do the Rand Paul’s of this country feel righteous on a day like today?


So my Ohana?  Will you view the country folks fought dearly hard to give You freedom as a compassionate one that goes to help those in need or does the country turn a blind eye?  The out of sight, out of mind concept will become the way perhaps you see life, gosh I hope not.  I hope not.


Not so great words:


OJ Simpson – mixed bag.  “The Juice”.  Talent becomes art on the football field & he thinks of himself as “fluid”, can’t be touched by the opposition on the field becomes hardwired in his mind.  Many, including this writer, watched this person rise & fall.    Raised in WI with Vince Lombardi, whose football work ethic was bar none & the Packers created a lifelong Cheesehead who relocated back to birth state of CA to end up in Maui, Hawaii.


Well, OJ was both good & probably one of the worst humans to walk the planet.  I prayed & pray for those 2 innocent children.  Where is Justice?  Justice is supposed to be a “good word”.  Having witnessed the verdict of “not guilty” personally as I stood in a predominantly black doctor’s office performing my job, we all were worried another race riot would break out.  He walked.  


Alrighty then, recent viewing of a TV mini-series, of course including our every so “relevant” (vomit please”) Kardashians, about the “Trial of the Century”…perhaps crime of the century…no many others



So words cost money in the media business.  Each word said is paid for…quite the concept.  So the Trial of the Century begins January 1994 & ends June 1996 with a gazzillions words uttered.  The cost of the trial (every word) cost us tax paying citizens a whooping $8.9 million for 1000 hours of airtime.  At the same time, coincidentally, the numbers show further a loss of national productivity from people following the trial to the tune of another staggering figure of $40 billion.  TV watching!  Loss of productivity in the country….


How many hrs are devoted to the world of everything Kardashian?  Seriously?  I don’t want our ohana to have to pay $8.9 billion on another crazy taxpayer paid trial.  


What is the solution?  Hmmm, that may take some snooze, swim, cloud time to lay out a decent idea.  I was taught & taught all I mentored, worked with…if you have a problem you wish to bring me, bring me at least one solution in order to work it out…so the person coming to me could teach himself through conversation.  Tangently:  I think today’s technology & basic work principles make it difficult for folks to have that important process…of figuring things out for themselves!  


So the solution?  I guess one might defer back to the words Brandon from THE TUDORS exclaimed, which was basically:  Live & Let Live….don’t get involved.  In those days it was wise in order to keep one’s head literally, today “We Use Our Words”.


Back to Great Words:


Independence!  Fav word.  


Good read:  

Moken people.  Oh my goodness.  These are a culture of nomadic folks who lived on the water allowing children (more than adults) the ability to “SEE” like a dolphin & hold their breath 2xs longer than landbound folks.  Sadly after the 2000 something Thailand tsunami, the Moken have been relocated onto the land, given jobs, homes & help.  The elders are not so happy as they feel just the idea of having to have identification is a direct assault to who they were before the tsunami.  The children are loving up this evolution or change.  They go to school, want more education, not less, enjoy technology never fantasized…cell phones, computers.  


The Three Amigos, Spaceballs & Blazing Saddles types of entertainment are sorely missing from the terrain of movies lately.  Arthur, Good Morning Vietnam, Mrs. Doubtfire & Who Framed Roger Rabbit are examples of movies that took Tutu A away from the worries of the day.  These days Tutu A looks to superb SyFy or Fantasy stories, with drama & laughter.  Guardians of the Galaxy was a departure from the norm and a welcomed relief from many “formula” movies.  Who did not love Bradley Cooper just a little bit more for his rendition of the “squirrel” (or animated character, no need for ego there, he gets the joy of an ensemble cast).  Bradley’s The Hangover was riotous fun.  We need to laugh.  Laughter is the best medicine as are the cries of a newborn baby.  Beautiful noises.  We need more good & beautiful noises, sounds, words. Share some with someone today.



Appreciation:  A verb.. has action, better than just the word Gratitude?  Be appreciative.  

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