Cinco de Mayo- Trumpcare Day

Oh, my, Goodness.  With a sigh of relief, Congress passes “Trumpcare” and puts “The first Nail in the Coffin of Obamacare”.  When I caught the News Alert that the Dems burst out in song, “Nah Nah Nah Nah, Hey Hey, Good Bye” followed by Nancy, “stretch”, Pelosi who scares the American public with fictitiously, POLITICALLY DRIVEN comments like “people are going to die.  People have suffered due to Obamacare, they have.  As a senior female who has chronic illness the past 8 yrs medically has been laden with more obstacles to care than ease or access to affordable care.  Awk!  Those words exited my head to paper!!


In the famous words of Cheri Oteri’s “Nadeen” on SNL, “simmer down, simmer down now, simmer down”. Settle Down Video The over-reaction is breath taking.  I believe it is President Trump’s intent (or prayer) to transparently, or as much as humanly possible, ensure all those enrolled in Obamacare plans are safely placed into plans.   I believe he plans to offer at least the same type of coverage, including more options, which will bring costs down.  Whose responsibility is it for Your healthcare?  YOU!  Awk!


TRUMP, along with every surrogate, continue to use the words:  “Pre-existing conditions will not be an issue for those in Trumpcare”.  It appears the ears of the Dems are simply not open; actually hostile, so again, as “Nadeen would put it:  Simmer down now, simmer down.”


Fact is if you are employed in many states, you are provided with either a HMO or PPO commercial insurance plan.  You pay for it.  Are those ears open to receive a wee bit of education?  Okay now.

Commercial Insurance = purchased insurance product for those under the age of 65 or not considered permanently disabled by a medical physician for over 2 yrs from onset of serious illness, an illness that will not be cured or controlled.

Senior Insurance = purchased insurance called Medicare.  This is the already established health plan for senior.  A person is given “senior” status at the age of 62-72 (age groups eligible for Medicare and those again who are disabled past 2 yrs.  A supplemental plan is usually chosen to administrate the person’s Medicare plan and that supplemental plan occasionally covers a few extra benefits, i.e, travel benefit, exercise programs, etc.

Indigene (or low income) folks are covered by Medicaid for most US states, except Medi-Cal for California residents.  If qualified or eligible, Medicaid covers every aspect of health, but often the major medical facilities might be a distance to travel.  Patient communication to those in need did not appear to be as consistent in many states we travelled on our 8 month RV cross country tour.


Again, if needed, close your eyes, think of Cheri O’Teri on SNL whenever you slip back into negativity about the Trump administration, politics in general:

“Simmer down, Simmer down now”


As a “Kapuna” (wise one here in the Hawaiian Islands), it is somewhat a responsibility to share the wisdom collected along the way.  These words are not meant to incite, but rather, inspire.  I truly have no judgment.  I follow my own path, just ask my husband or my family.  LOL


Take a break from the news now?  Nev…ah!,   Again, never give up, Nev….Her?   Never!  

Tutu A from Maui Chatting….Healthcare, always with Warm Wishes for Warm, Gentle Breezes.



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