Healthcare Part 2

Folks, both doctors and patients have responsibilities, just like the special “Oaths” taken by medical practitioners & professionals.  Therefore, this blog will be educational, hopefully humorous but not to the point of too much silly…so please receive and accept some things are universally accepted in this industry.  Education is the best armor in life, knowledge is power, right?????  Right?


  • A primary care physician or practitioner has a responsibility to follow each & every patient.
    • From inception, first appointment to the last
    • Perform Continuity of Care *
    • Ensure patient is compliant with medical plans
    • Document every encounter, from phone contact to each visit.  The progress notes must be legible (oh, got stories about practitioners who fought the idea of making “their language translated into “lay person’s” language.  (A “lay person” is someone NOT of the stated field the person reviews or interprets, thereby seeing materials with fresh, new eyes.  Thankfully computer systems have evolved to assist the profession accomplish these requirements much easier & in no way affecting an ego.
  • A patient has many responsibilities:
    • A responsibility to pay attention to the physician’s instructions and if he/she has a language problem, the patient should ask for assistance.  The physician has a responsibility to document the patient’s primary language spoken and what educational material the patient needs is understandable to both patient & caregivers.
    • A responsibility to follow all physician directions and participate in all aspects of care directed by medical professionals.
    • The responsibility to pay co-payments & premiums.
    • A patient has a responsibility to be honest with his/her physicians in order to receive the optimum care.


Enough education for this article.  Onto Trumpcare and Your healthcare.  The Democrats recently displayed what most parental types call BAD BEHAVIOR.  This is why Tutu A was felt motivated to blog.  Teaching onself how to blog is quite an undertaking.    My observation is the senior Democrats gave a ZERO, NADA, ZIP interest in any attempt to meet the GOP half way.  Now is that not what we were taught as children?  To calmly use our words in an attempt to acknowledge, inquire politely, and accept graciously the outcome of those in positions much above “our meager pay grades”.


Senators Chuck Schumer & Elizabeth  Warren, OMGoodness, Congressional Rep from California, Ms. Maxine Waters, and House Minority Leader, Ms. Nancy Pelosi came across every television network that their party will” NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, TO INFINITY” work with our newly elected President Trump.  Visions of a 5 yr old stomping his/her feet wanting to get his/her way cannot help but come to mind.


Trump, BTW, really appears to be doing “his” very best under the stressful circumstances he has found himself.  I think he has smartly surrounded himself with some “smart” folks, excluding ousted Flynn, who is still under investigation.  I am optimistic for the first time in 8 years, my 8 years of serious illness & bed rest.  So I have had plenty of time to genuinely reflect on something bigger than myself


Whether you like him or not, we were taught by both parents and school teachers to automatically give those older and hopefully more wise at least a chance to perform.  So why not give Trump that chance?  


“A chance is not the other sides agenda. (period)”  No matter how idealistic I may be, the reality, realitee, realitea (haha) is the media will change ANY word to fit the “agenda” of the person speaking.  It is that simple.  And also, as Mom taught “don’t believe everything you read or hear”.

So there it is folks, are you going to become more active in Your healthcare life????


Tutu A with Warm, Gentle Breezes from Maui

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