Healthcare Part 3

It is about time WOMEN BAND TOGETHER FOR THE GOOD OF THEMSELVES, OUR COUNTRY & STOP THE ALTERNATE FACTS, MISINFORMATION & HORRIBLE LIES that especially scare senior citizens and young folks.  We have a collective responsibility to follow those very good words of our “parent types” and we continue to instill into each generation that has come up since my coming of age.


Those women marching ‘Against President Trump” has drove me to distraction I was mistakenly about to attend Maui’s 1st Women’s March, 2017.  I inquired and was told by the organizers ALL voices would be heard.  Well, my husband drove me to this event & it was clear MY VOICE WOULD BE DROWN OUT, and I was scared so did not participate.  I was scared.  


So I am starting my own movement:  Tutu’s for Trump.  I know there are haters, and more haters on top of the haters that do not know they will hate my words.  Go on with your own self.  I accept & love you, spiritually man.  I deserve the same amount of time & a forum for MY WORDS, my mentoring for those who are like minded or fence sitting.  You are free to stop here & I am grateful You gave me Your Time & Attention.


Regardless of President Trump’s past and my late acceptance of his win of the GOP primaries to be the Republican candidate, I was taught to always be loyal to the “Office of the President .  We were graded on citizenship.   I respect every President.  I accepted President Obama’s initial “hope”, but found he stole my Social Security with reckless abandon & no apparent care to the losses that would trickle down.  Example:  Like other seniors, I had to ration important life changing medications while in “the gap” (later will explain for those who “say what?”) and had to forgo important pain relieving procedures due to high cost of co-payments.  


At least President George W. Bush passed a law that provides each senior with $2800 initially per year for medications, but for 2017 the initial coverage period will pay $3700 with a $400 deductible and a 25% coinsurance.  (Again, see article in future Tutu D Chats Healthcare: Myths of Prescription Medications.)  Mahalo (thank you) President Bush for that legislation.  Who knew I would need that benefit due to more diagnoses than I have fingers & toes!  Awk!  


Tutu A witnessed Mr. Trump run a stunningly brilliant campaign in an extraordinary manner, breaking rules & “the old established right” (something I did not think would occur in my lifetime, but hey!) opening up the process to show the world “smart money” spent works!  Now I have to give President Trump about a C+ for his immature need to say:  “I told you so.”  Or something similar.  So, how do we proceed?   The world is still spinning on how Trump created an effective communication style that still evolves when it comes to Presidential Politics.  The idea of no “Daily News Briefing” from the President is not a bad idea.  Who really wants the day to day stuff? Are we that thirsty?  Hungry for news?  No folks are “Hangry”…that is hungry & angry at the same time.


We, in the collective sense, are generally slow to accept change.  The Democrats are still so stunned that they did not win, they are frozen still (called Denial) since November 9, 2016.   They have obviously NOT MOVED on, based upon the behavior in Congress when the rendition of “nah, nah, nah,nah,hey, heyo, good bye”, right?  Was that not an immature move?  Yes or No?  Come on parents??!!??  Don’t give out another parable about the GOP, heard them all living in “left minded states”.  Oh well, I accept & embrace both sides.  That is what I thought maturing meant.  Hello?  Anyone there?  LOL


Anyhoo.. example of someone who has NOT moved on:  The recent episodes of Real Housewives of New York City  these past few weeks had the usually calm & soo cool Carole Radziwill absolutely going “stark raving bananas”, “lost her bloody mind”, “went to the Dark side”, AND “drank the Political Koolaid to the point “politics”, “politicking” absorbed her very small stature like the “black ooze” in X-Files”.


We were used to Carole being the voice of reason.  She has had this mysterious romantic life, is single yet not, was a news trail blazer, and a freaking Princess.  Look up her name in the dictionary and “cool” is right there.  Actually through marriage Carole Radziwill is related to the Kennedy’s, but I am not name dropping.  LOL True but she is not braggy about her privileged life style.  But she reveals she is a true blue far left elitist snob who is really NOT in touch with us regular folk.  I don’t think the President of the US will change her bottom line one way or the other.  


Carole, the President’s agenda affects us normal folks.  Like the thousands I lost the minute Obamacare took hold.  The downward spiral has been miraculous.  Obamacare which would have become Hillarycare (and the nightmare of a single payor healthcare system) does not change how Carole Radizwill access healthcare.  She has all the money is the world to obtain ANYTHING SHE WANTS OR NEEDS.  Not so much for us regular folks.   Poor Carole felt such a loss, akin to a death, she experiences the denial of the loss.     


Bethenny Frankel, also from RHONYC tried to save Carole Radziwill, threw her multiple lifelines, including a visit to an Accupuncturist (so New Agey) to help deal with the stress of the campaign leading up to “that tragic day” (her perception of the left).   God came down, or the Russians, LOL LOL, and ripped the very heart out of the Democrats that they simply do not know how to take the next reality step: Don’t you “care about Hillary”.?


No I do not care about Mrs. Clinton, personally.  I think she will be quite fine with all her millions and millions of dollars.  Give me a break.  Sorry Carole, ex-Secretary of State was just “the wrong woman” for the job.  I care about how both parties position their agenda (or “platform”) are going to evolve.  I have been a fiscal conservative with liberal views toward social concerns.  I am also a Pisces where the two fishies seem to be going in opposite directions.  So heck!  I care about my “bottom line” and that of my closest friends and family, my community.  Tutu A’s given name means “noble”, so there you are.


Acknowledge, Always Ask Questions, Accept Outcomes.  Embrace change.  Is that not what we teach?  I believe I am finally a “Grown Up Ass Woman”, as some of my peerage proclaim.   Yikes, again, the song “nah, nah nah nah, hey heyo, Good bye”?  Yikes!. I was embarrassed for these folks, truly & thought, is this really what the folks at home really want… I had to write my first Blog article.


Thank you for reading.  I have more articles near completion and hope you return.  I look forward to questions, concerns & comments.  


With warm breezes & Alooooooooha, Tutu D, always Chatting, duh

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