Healthcare Part 4

Tutu D Chats spent the week watching & reading about how Trumpcare has shuffled over to the Senate where it appears “they will start over & write their own plan”.  Geezaloo.  Why make that optix?  Each “plan” is a carbon copy with tweeks, additions, revisions & deletions.  Why not say that?  Too many words?  It appears Trumpcare will stall while the alleged “Powers that Be”, not the cool ones in the series ANGEL by “demi-God” Joss Whedon….”I am not worthy, I am not worthy”, LOL LOL LOL


Trump is planning an oversees trip to roll out his “foreign affairs policy & meet the Pope”.  Meanwhile, the usual “News Corp” has been incognito since Sean Spicer fumbled words.  The words get in the way, the old song goes.  This legislation will take much longer than us commoners thought.  The “office” that reviews the cost of things, yuk, always seems to contradict itself to the point Tutu A really does not know who to believe.  Suffice to say, it is my responsibility to take care of myself, not my state or federal government.  Tutu A may take Disability Social Security and Medicare, but Tutu worked 30 years and earned the Social Security and Healthcare benefit, or so we “Believers” thought.


Did you know those reporters and/or many folks on the airwaves oft times get paid by the number of words they speak??  Did you’all know that?  I know you know a great deal more than folks knew 100 years ago.  There has been a great deal of huffing and puffing as the news type folks bicker back & forth, especially when Trump threatens to “stop Daily Briefing” because he does not like “the heat of the pan”. Is that what Trump volunteered and worked very hard to JUMP IN??  Of course it is.  He has “New Head”.  I expected there would be some bumps along the way initially.


We all must try to JUMP IN and try.  The never give up attitude is at least positive.  At least Trump tries and it appears he tries very hard.  


Tutu D recommends all consumers of healthcare call your health care insurance company and ask how things are going to change.  Be informed.  Again, I grew up to not be a “lemming” or a “sheep” or a “victim”.  Educate yourself.  These were my Mother’s words so it kinda makes sense I would end up with these in my vocabulary.  If you are so inclined, email your Congressional and Senatorial representatives with how healthcare affects Your life.  That is what they need to take back in for further legislation.  I began to write my elected officials.  I never received a response but I felt it incumbent to share my expertise.  .


Again, as a “Kapuna”, Tutu A wishes to pass down information gathered along the way, in a generous & humble way.  I spent my life sharing my words, especially while employed.  Since November 2007, yes a decade ago, I became both unemployed & disabled so I have had time.  My blog will hopefully educate, entertain a bit and is readable in a way one would hear the words clearly & not through someone who is impaired, so forgive some of my fumbling about….and I am old.  LOL LOL  I maintain a good sense of humor.  (See my bio for more “deets” to “moi-self”.    It is time to JUMP IN.


Therefore, my “language’ may not have kept up with the time.


Are you ready to receive a wee bit more mentoring/education?  I pray for open minds…..


I routinely speak about Continuity of Care & the changes of Language to today’s Language, Lexicon  Sometimes a person’s “New Head” (see additional description about a 35 yr process) prevents integration of information so I will speak of it again, plus repetition helps solidify known info.


Again, you deserve Continuity of Care from the designated Primary Care Physician/Practitioner. * Continuity of Care is a process where the medical practitioner you chose regularly reviews your medical chart and history (at least annually), including any referral requests made, to ensure all diagnoses, preventative health are addressed timely and appropriately.  The practitioner is responsible to communicate, as appropriate, with the patient what medical processes and/or procedures are required to ensure maximum results and/or outcomes toward your overall health, including preventative care.


All patients deserve an annual physical exam.  If you have insurance and/or have a job, are an independent human, you have a responsibility to make sure you are healthy for that job, for your family, for your future.  There is no age to begin since your parents hopefully began the important process of regular medical and dental (don’t get me going) check-ups.  Both the patient & physician must stay on top of appropriate testing for the age/sex/conditions to ensure, again, Continuity of Care.  Do you need blood work?  A mammogram?  Don’t be squeamish, someone saw your privates way before you became aware, okay?  Suck it up if you have not been in a while and get checked.  No excuses. You know what they say about excuses?  LOL  LOL


It is all of our responsibility to assist our community collectively to promote, encourage and maintain good, healthy lives.  What is your contribution?


The changes to language seems to occur every couple of years.  Each new generation always brings their genre to an ever growing field of words to choose from.  Language eventually became subject  to the Political Correct Police.  You know them right?  Awk, Yikes & oh Crap.


So here a few important acronyms in healthcare that might be healthcare:  In another folder is a list of My Favorite & Not Fav Words, Or Other Words.


PCP is a Primary Care Physician

MD is a Medical Doctor

DO has a Doctorate of Osteopathic Medicine

NO is a Naturopathic Physician (must Fact Check)

OD is an Optometrist

DC is a Chiropractor

NP is a Nurse Practitioner

PA is a Physician’s Assistant

MFT is a Marriage, Family Therapist (each state may have a different version through their State Licensing Agency)

PT is a Physical Therapist

PTA is a Physical Therapist Aid


Alooooooooooooha, with warm Maui breezes, Tutu D Chats & Chatting You Up.



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